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We are the best invite forum on the internet! Here you will find free invites, free seedboxes, free bonuses, and much more. Our members know the true meaning of sharing and have created a truly global bittorent community! Our site has the most up to date information on all private trackers and our members will guide you and introduce you to this truly secretive and enlightened club. Ready to get started? Register now!

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Thread: Apollo News

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    I'm currently in their #recruitment channel trying to get an interview, but there are something like 200 people idling. Any idea how often they have been giving interviews?

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    They stated they were incredibly backed up and the queue was long. All you can do is wait it out. It is worth the wait and I can confirm they are indeed accepting people as my friend in real life got into the site through IRC interview when they first started them.

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    Default Apollo News Update 8

    Hi everyone,

    Here's a quick update:
    We've reached 240,000 torrents, 82,000 perfect FLACs and 1,400,000 peers! That's more than 60,000 torrents and 30,000 perfect FLACs in 2 days. Incredible job everyone! you are continuing to amaze us We will be extending global freeleech and make another community challenge if we reach 100,000 perfect FLAC's by today's deadline (23:59 UTC). In addition, the top perfect FLAC uploaders will receive a special gift

    Logchecker - You can now upload missing log files for your snatched torrents
    View Log - We have added a log viewer, you can now view log and score for torrents with log
    Bug fix - Filename limit error has been fixed
    Teams recruitment - We have received over 150 applications, thank you, everyone who applied, we will get back to you asap
    Donate - You can now donate to Apollo and help us pay the site's bills

    Thank you for your efforts and support!

    //Apollo Staff

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    They've just extended the FreeLeech for another 8 hours.

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    Default Apollo news update 9

    Amazing job everyone you deserve an extension for your remarkable efforts. We are extending the deadline by 8 hours Go Go Go! Only 7,000 perfect FLACs are missing to beat this challenge!

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    Yea just woke up. Got the news update here. 7000 perfect flacs to hit 100k perfect flacs. Lets get that what.cd catalog transferred over!.

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    Default Apollo news update 10

    Congratulations Apollo members! We have just reached 100,000 "Perfect" FLACs! We are very proud of you! It is truly remarkable to see how the community has risen up to the challenge and beaten it with incredible team effort We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to reach this goal You've just earned 3 extra days of global freeleech!

    For the next community challenge, we will spice things up a bit:
    1 day global freeleech extension if we reach 120,000 "Perfect" FLACs in 3 days
    2 days global freeleech extension if we reach 130,000 "Perfect" FLACs in 3 days
    3 days global freeleech extension if we reach 140,000 "Perfect" FLACs in 3 days

    As promised, once free leech ends, you will receive the following (calculated from day 1):
    1 free leech token for every 5 "Perfect" FLACs you uploaded
    1 invite for every 20 "Perfect" FLACs you uploaded

    Have an awesome weekend everyone!

    //Apollo Staff

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    Default Apollo News Update 11


    It is mind-blowing to see what our passionate community have been able to achieve in such a short time. Congratulations everyone on reaching 130.000 perfect FLAC uploads! You have successfully unlocked two (2) extra days of Global Freeleech!

    We want to continue to build on our impressive music library, we have reached over 350.000 torrents, almost 219.000 releases, 149.000 artists and over 131.000 "Perfect" FLACs. It is a long way to What.CDs last milestone of 1.000.000 releases, but we're aiming to be the largest music library in the world and to help us reach that goal we need more friends & allies to help with the hard work of uploading, so please use your invites, we'd also like to thank all members who have been uploading day and night, without you this wouldn't have been possible, thank you. The community applauds you and to make it an even larger global effort we will continue with community challenges.

    Challenge #1
    Reach 140.000 "Perfect" FLACs - extension of the current FL +1 days.
    Reach 150.000 "Perfect" FLACs - extension of the current FL +2 days.
    Deadline: 2 days.

    Challenge #2
    Reach 35.000 users - extension of the current FL +1 days.
    Reach 40.000 users - extension of the current FL +2 days.
    Deadline: 3 days.

    Challenge #3
    Reach 450.000 torrents - extension of the current FL +2 days.
    Reach 500.000 torrents - extension of the current FL +3 days.
    Deadline: 5 days.

    All three challenges can be combined and may give up to 7-days of extra Global FL.

    To make it a little crazy, we are giving 5 invites to everyone for 24 hours!

    Let's get this party started.

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    They're obviously focused on expanding as quickly as possible. Many people already have enough buffer to last the lifetime of the tracker. It's a different approach, hopefully it pans out.

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