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Thread: Danishbits News

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    Default Danishbits News

    P2P All the way
    Det er nu muligt at vælge det gamle layout med "freeleech, IMDb osv" på torrenten siden.
    Dette kan gøres i ens profil og er ikke valgt som standard.



    P2P All the way
    It is now possible to choose the old layout with "freeleech, IMDb, etc." on the torrent ago.
    This can be done in one's profile and is not selected by default.

    forums.php? action = viewthread & threadid = 21748

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    Do you have any games - keys you do not use or want of, we'd love to share them out to our users here at Danish Bits

    They awarded in this thread: forums.php?Action=viewthread&threadid=23088

    Do you have any you want with so send me a pm with the headline Games / keys and I will share them out in the thread.

    We are only interested in the full game and no demo crap.

    Keys must be legitimate.

    Send a PM to me: HERE

    The thread holding weekend open

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    Så blev det tid til nogle nye ting, som man kan købe for sine bonus point.
    Der er planlagt et par stykke til, som vil komme til løbende.

    Man kan nu se hvor meget den Enarmet tyveknægt giver igen.

    Har I nogen forslag til ting / spil, så kom gerne med dem.


    Then it was time for some new things that you can buy for its bonus points.
    There is planned a few piece of which will continuously.

    One can now see how much the Slots give again.

    Do you have any suggestions for things / games, so please check with them.

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    Kære alle gode DB folk. I ønskes en rigtig glædelig jul og et godt nytår. I skal naturligvis ikke snydes for en julegave her på Danishbits, så derfor er vores gave til jer, at i får VIP i 48 timer som I skal aktivere inden 1.1.2017

    Der vil være GLOBAL FREELEECH D. 24 dec, 25 dec, 26 dec, 31 dec og 1 jan.

    Glædelig Jul.

    Med Venlig Hilsen Staff

    Det vil være strategisk klogt først at aktivere sine 48 timers VIP d. 27 dec
    Dear all good DB people. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I should of course not be cheated of a Christmas here on Danish Bits, so it is our gift to you, that in getting VIP for 48 hours as you have to activate before 01.01.2017

    There will be GLOBAL FREELEECH D. December 24 25 Dec, 26 Dec, 31 Dec and 1 Jan.

    Merry Christmas.

    Sincerely Staff

    It would be strategically wise to first activate its 48-hour VIP d. Dec. 27

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    Anyone can help with an invite?


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