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Thread: ABTorrents

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    Global Audiobooks Trends for 2014

    The Audiobook industry has certainly grown up in the digital world. The rise of audio publishing is directly proportionate to the rise of digital distribution. In 2007 a paltry 3,073 titles were available and rose exponentially to over 20,000 published titles in 2013. The entire industry is said to be worth over two billion dollars, which is a huge jump from $480 million in retail sales in 1997.

    The audiobook industry first gained momentum in 1970 when low cost cassettes allowed libraries to easily purchase and distribute them to their patrons. The industry was rather niche until 2002 when CDs became the dominant medium and represented 78% of all sales in 2008. The standard CD audiobook declined in 2011 in favor of digital downloads, which currently accounts for 61% of all sales in 2013.

    The United States is currently the dominant audiobook market in terms of sales. The United Kingdom has only generated £126 million in 2013 and has been experiencing an annual 6.8% growth rate. The largest four players in the industry are estimated to account for 49.8% of revenue. With the exception of defunct AudioGo Limited, the industry is dominated by well-established publishers that already operate in the print publishing market and have access to a wide range of titles that can be easily converted to audiobooks. Concentration in the industry has declined slightly over the past five years as more enterprises have entered and competition has intensified. The industry remains fairly fragmented as smaller enterprises have access to just a few titles for publishing.

    In Germany audiobooks are becoming more popular than ebooks. In the last twelve months, close to five million customers have purchased an audiobook, which accounts for 7% of the overall population. This is one of the hottest segments currently operating in Germany and ironically gets the least amount of attention.

    The most dominant content distribution platform for audiobooks currently is Amazon owned Audible. This company has the highest market penetration and has seen a 33% increase in sales in 2012. They have created over 26,000 audiobooks and adding close to 1,000 titles a month. Most of their success derives from their new technologies that allow readers a myriad of options. If you purchase both the audiobook and eBook you can have the book professionally narrated to you, as you are reading. Else, you can read a few chapters on your Kindle and pick up exactly where you left off on the audio edition. This type of synergy is fairly compelling for people who read at night and do things during the day. Matthew Thornton of Audible commented – “We’re seeing heavy growth among younger listeners, people in and getting out of college who are part of the emerging app culture.”
    One of the ways Audible has such a large catalog is primarily due to their established relationships with major publishers. They also own and operate the Audiobook Creation Exchange. Publishers and authors who own unused audiobook rights can post them on ACX, along with narration preferences (e.g., narrator’s gender, accents, voice types). Audio publishers and audio studios—as well as individual narrators with home studios—can search for titles that interest them and then audition to turn those rights into audiobooks. Rights holders can hire a narrator or producer, or create entrepreneurial partnerships with shared royalty structures that allow audiobooks to be produced without upfront costs. Alternatively, existing audio publishers can simply use ACX to discover audio rights to produce on their own.

    When it comes to audiobook sales in the digital format they are often 10% of the eBook industry, in terms of overall value. Major publishers are hoping to accelerate this growth to over 20% within the next two years. “We’re going to continue to see more and more titles being published,” says Chris Lynch, president and publisher of Simon & Schuster Audio “Increasing our list in a way that’s smart, thoughtful, strategic, and economically viable—that’s a big focus for us,” says Mary Beth Roche, v-p and publisher of Macmillan Audio/QDT. “We’re going deeper into the science fiction/fantasy and mystery/thriller categories.”

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    Default ABTorrents.me Hacked


    The site was hacked.

    The staff is reviewing the situation and being careful before bringing the site back online. We WILL be back. Thanks for being patient, expect updates as more information becomes available.

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    Anyone know if this site is gone forever?

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    This was form another user in a different torrent forum - 6 days ago

    "I was in IRC over there a week or so ago and asked a staff member when/if they would be back up. The response was that they were getting there but wanted to be absolutely sure that code was clean and site was secure before thay came back online."

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    Default ABTorrents - "WE WILL BE BACK!!"

    Source: ABTorrents.me
    Post Date: November 11, 2014
    Link: http://www.abtorrents.me/#home

    We at ABTorrents.me know you are all wondering when the site will be back up (or if, in some cases). We want to assure you that the site is coming back. Please remember that we started this site over 5 years ago with coding that wasn’t exactly new at that time. Throughout the years we made patches and work-arounds, but the code is still very old. As a result, our security was not what it should have been. This hacking has opened our eyes, and we are working to completely recode the site using up to date language, protocols and security measures. This all takes time…A lot more than we originally anticipated. Add to that all staff here are volunteers and that all work on the site is done in our “free” time. Various 'real life' situations have intruded into our efforts and work has been occasionally delayed well beyond what we anticipated. However, we are committed to bringing the site back revitalized and more secure and will not rush things just to get the site back up and running. When we are ready, you will see a better, more secure site which will provide you with all the audiobooks we all crave while protecting your personal information from others who may have nefarious motives.

    Having said all that, let me assure you with those famous words:


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    Is it still possible to get invites to abtorrents?

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