Port Forwarding & Windows 8
  • Port Forwarding & Windows 8
  • Port Forwarding & Windows 8
  • Port Forwarding & Windows 8
  • Port Forwarding & Windows 8
  • Port Forwarding & Windows 8
  • Port Forwarding & Windows 8
  • Port Forwarding & Windows 8
  • Port Forwarding & Windows 8
  • Port Forwarding & Windows 8
  • Port Forwarding & Windows 8
  • Port Forwarding & Windows 8
  • Port Forwarding & Windows 8
  • Port Forwarding & Windows 8
  • Port Forwarding & Windows 8
  • Port Forwarding & Windows 8
  • Port Forwarding & Windows 8
  • Port Forwarding & Windows 8

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    Default Port Forwarding & Windows 8

    Hi all. Hopefully this thread will be able to help all others that may or may not have the same issue. First I want to start out by laying down the fact that I've never had this kind of issue on XP/7 and since I've been using the current preview release of 8 I've not been able to see green on my torrent app. At current I'm using the original BT which is very similar to uTorrent - so far I haven't tried anything else. I'm going to update and edit with screenshots as soon as I reboot. Due to some power issues (need new higher wattage PSU) one of my hard drives keeps going to sleep, so until then please bear with me. The other details that I've outlined below before getting to my specific problem should help others with forwarding issues resolve theirs and show those helping me that I'm somewhat aware of the process and am in need of some suggestions or assistance.

    As everyone knows / should know - port forwarding is required in some scenarios where NAT/uPNP do not work properly. For those who want a little more control - or who use the ports in the "good torrent practices" below then manual port forwarding must take place.

    The short version is to allow your public IP (internet) and private IP (LAN/WLAN) to allow a protocol or service to go through on a specific port. That port should then be seen as OPEN if you use any of the various port testing sites or internal testing from your torrent app.

    An easy way to get your ports forwarded and have everything setup is to head over to portforward.com and check for your router or a similar one in their list. Then follow the instructions for your torrent app if it's in the list first. If it's not in the list then check for forwarding any port for any application - Remote Desktop for example - and change the port number to one of the ports in the "good torrent practices" section below.

    Though Azureus is not around anymore (now called VUZE) the wiki available on their site is really good IMO.

    Port forwarding - VuzeWiki

    Select port for Vuze - VuzeWiki

    Basically you should choose a port from 49160–65534 for your torrent application to ensure good connectivity. Depending on the torrent application that you use some indication should be visible showing that you're reachable from the internet. Checks can be done using your torrent application if supported or by going to any of the sites online that will check for open ports. Open Port Check Tool is one such place.


    Since running Windows 8 and using BitTorrent I've not been able to get a green. Always red. But - if I run the test from within the torrent app it comes up fine - but on the main screen I keep seeing that the problem is there. When I reboot this time I'm gonna boot into Linux and do a check from there. So let me try and use bullets to get the details in......

    • Using various checking sites the ports I use are not open
    • Once or twice I've changed the port and it became open online but went back to being closed
    • Have not had this issue with XP/7
    • Ports are forwarded in router
    • Ports are open in firewall apps on PC
    • Does not change if firewall is disabled

    Hopefully someone has seen this and can give some idea on what's happening. Will add findings after booting into an XP PE and a Linux environment.


    • Testing when 3389 (Remote Desktop port) is opened shows that it's forwarded (tested using various open port test sites)
    • Creation of a new rule with a random port and checking doesn't work
    • Disabling the Windows Firewall doesn't work (as said above)
    • Ports are forwarded in router (as said above)

    So now I'm confused and at my wits end on this. Any help here? Or maybe some advise on stuff to try?

    So I did some testing again. Changed a bunch of settings. Made some headway. Pics included.

    So I disabled what you see in the picture.

    And then the port came up.

    So I enable the firewall again.

    And the port is blocked.

    So I head into the advanced settings and create the necessary rules..........

    The settings are changed to allow all programs - all services etc. And the port is STILL BLOCKED. I'm at a loss. BUT.......

    That says it's fine - but the pretty red icon still says that the listen port needs to be changed. Help?

    Don't have this issue on XP or 7 - not sure why the port settings are there but it's still saying closed. This means that any service that I'd want to run on a particular port that I need to be visible won't work. It's obviously an issue with the firewall - did I miss something?
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