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  • health tip of the day
  • health tip of the day
  • health tip of the day
  • health tip of the day
  • health tip of the day
  • health tip of the day
  • health tip of the day
  • health tip of the day
  • health tip of the day
  • health tip of the day
  • health tip of the day
  • health tip of the day
  • health tip of the day
  • health tip of the day
  • health tip of the day
  • health tip of the day
  • health tip of the day

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    Default health tip of the day

    I know in the world today health fitness etc... is a big deal. People want you to pay to be in shape to be "beautiful". Let me tell youall something we are all beautiful. This is not what this is about. I have been around weights, healty foods, fitness, mma whole life. Im going to tell you the way it SHOULD be. Overall health tips suggestions etc...should be free. No paying for your results, no well join this site or my gym and you can have this body blah blah blah...yeah whatever dude. I have decided to share my knowledge and my experience with ANYONE who will listen, who will use it, even its as small as hey toke, whats the best protein shake...Any and all of your questions will be answered here.

    How it works: Ask me anything you want! Dont bother going to look around for the information yourself. With most things I can tell you right away, and if there is something that Im not sure about I have two reliable and trustworthy sources. Here i can get the information fast, free and accurate...Not feeling comfortable with my advice...then go do your research. Without a shadow of a doubt that first research you do will be your last...You will see that i do know what im talking about...

    Now onto what information can be obtained here. My knowledge ranges from the beginning of any fitness diet exercise reg you want...For individual and confident requests my im box is always open. I dont care what time it is, and trust me NO question is to small. we all need to start somewhere...I have tips and tricks for ALL levels of fitness, if youre a beginner or well advanced, hit me up...

    This is a LEGIT T-I post. Limit yourself to postings about fitness (remember, we will be watching :). Please respect the privacy of others. What i mean is if you talk to another user please do not post any information about sensitive information (which includes but not limited to, talking about someones weight, problems they are having, information of any kind of a sensitive subject, ITS HARD ENOUGH TO EVEN THINK about what you portray yourself as, dont add to any more self doubt or any of the feelings that come with that doubt. I have been talking with people about their bodies, their goals even their most sensitive matters. I dont judge, i will NEVER laugh or make you feel st***d.

    Now this is what yall will want to look out for on the daily... I will be posting a healt tip everyday. It could be about weight training, diet plans, plyometric exercises, anything...

    Please this topic is not FOR me. Its for YOU from me. So please look at this as one of many great topic posts. Dont let others degrade it smash it up etc...The people i have met here i have pride for. Please show that same pride i see in yall to protect it.

    Thanks to:

    My brother Wes without you i would be nobody. i love you man
    To my friend Jm without you i wouldnt know half of the things i do now
    Last but not least, thank you sliver

    Tip for the day.
    For most people no matter how hard you work out, if you dont eat right, then all in all you are wasting your time. First have a good diet. A good diet alone will improve for the better your mind your body and your soul...
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    Do you mean the new fitness thread is not going to be here or you are not going to be here? Please clarify this point!

    It would be a shame if you left right after starting the fitness thread! I have been waiting to read what the fitness "post of the day" is and thought you had mentioned in the suggestions thread the post would be here?

    Last edited by facerocker; November 7th, 2010 at 05:48 PM. Reason: Grammar...

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    it is here!!
    thank you face rocker
    Last edited by allnighttoke; November 11th, 2010 at 03:47 PM. Reason: note

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