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  • The Cookie Theory
  • The Cookie Theory
  • The Cookie Theory
  • The Cookie Theory
  • The Cookie Theory
  • The Cookie Theory
  • The Cookie Theory
  • The Cookie Theory
  • The Cookie Theory
  • The Cookie Theory
  • The Cookie Theory
  • The Cookie Theory
  • The Cookie Theory
  • The Cookie Theory
  • The Cookie Theory
  • The Cookie Theory

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    1. ThinMint
    2. Pralines and cream
    3. Orange
    4. Quiet, geeky, and wondering how this is still a sticky since 2012!

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    1. macaroons
    2. coffee ice cream
    3. burgundy at the moment. I prefer certain colors depending on my mood, and it has shifted throughout the years. regardless of the color, they are all rich and intense shades.
    4. hmm. i honestly am not too sure.
    On the positive side, I'm optimistic, creative, and stubborn, sometimes technical to the point of seeming calculating, but it's never personal. I always push my boundaries, and encourage my loved ones to do the same. I also have a long memory.
    On the negative side, I can be ruthless. It takes a lot for me to become malicious, but in any situation, my self-control isn't as good as it used to be.

    I hope my Joshy Woshy will read this and come back to me :'( (not sure how to tag people)

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    1. Fresh-baked, straight out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. Seriously, straight out of the oven. If they've been out longer than 40 seconds, I don't want them.
    2. Cookies 'N Cream
    3. Lannister crimson - (yes even before the show came out and before I knew anything about the books. Before I would've called it burgundy with a paragraph and a half of explanation as to the specific shade I meant.)
    4. Hmm. Well, I'm picky, friendly, shy and a bit of a know-it-all at times. I tend to get sick of being shy and just explode in a frenzy of outgoing-ness every once in a while. I value loyalty, am pretty conservative and am fond of hypothetical conversation.

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    1. Oatmeal raisin cookies

    2. Sicilian lemon

    3. Green (even though it's not a creative color)

    4. I'm an introvert with a short temper sometimes but a high tolerance for bullshit otherwise. Depends on how long it's been since my last coffee or good night's sleep. My friends are few and close, and that's how I like it. I usually make bland first impressions but very good second ones when I'm more comfortable around you.

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    1. If you could choose only one type of cookie, what would your favorite cookie be? Peanut Butter

    2. If you could choose only one type of ice cream, what would your favorite ice cream be? Rocky Road

    3. What is your favorite color? Blue

    4. Please describe your personality as unbiased as possible. The more description the better. - Intellectual, Entrepreneur, Introvert at first.

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    chocolate chip
    indelicate and subsuming

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