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    Quote Originally Posted by genevad View Post
    Are you talking about these?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Intelectual View Post
    Are you talking about these?
    yeah, Chefs chocolate balls are the greatest. Yummy!

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    Stay on topic please or I will have to start deleting posts and handing out infractions.
    It feels like I'm starting all over again... The last (four) years were just pretend....
    And I said... Goodbye to you...- Michelle Branch


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    1. soft oatmeal.
    2. cookies n cream.
    3. green.

    4. i consider myself fiercely independant, compassionate, flirtatious, protective, old fashioned to a point. i love my independance, i count on myself to solve my problems, i dont like to burden others. i love being a parent, im very family oriented, thinks blood always comes first. intelligent, love to have confersations on off beat topics. have liberal and conservitive thoughts. {liberal with social issuse...conservitive with econnomic issuses} talk to anybody, love to talk, LOVE WOMEN!!!!!!!,
    bigtime joker, have a wild imagination, daydreamer. will always speak my mind, love short term relationships {love one nighters}

    my negative side. overprotective, impatient at times, always in a hurry, in the workplace, i tend to think my other co-workers are inept.
    have a major problem with commitment, get bored easily, dont like to ask for help, {other then here, lol!} love to get the last word in.

    tend to be more attracted to married or "taken" women {boyfriend}....because i know it would only be sexual, with no commitments. {ive gotten much better on this}
    i like confrontation, {not phyical, more verbal}

    there is probly more on each, but i think this is enough for now

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    1. Ginger molasses
    2. Pistachio cream
    3. Green
    4. Friendly, extroverted, confident, ambitious, resolute, private, masculine, passionate,
    loyal, principled, independent, gallant, empathetic, open-minded, optimist, debonair

    Fortune and love favour the brave .-. Ovid ....

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    Keep posting people, I will give rep to those who do (as long as the post meets minimum expectations.)
    It feels like I'm starting all over again... The last (four) years were just pretend....
    And I said... Goodbye to you...- Michelle Branch


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    1. Thin Mints
    2. Mint Chocolate Chip
    3. Green
    4. Lucky, Witty, Loyal, Lurker, Deviant, Humble, Happy, CONFIDENT, stoned.

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    1. Chocolate Chip

    2. Phish food (Ben & Jerry's)

    3. Blue (but sometimes green)

    4. Outgoing, happy (unless I'm playing Black Ops 2, then it's angry), loving, and caring. (A grammar Nazi as well, if that counts) Sometimes depressed, stressed or bitter, but those are just temporary. :)

    PS If it's not Chocolate chip, it's not a cookie

    PPS No need to give me rep JustJenna, After the rep got ruined, it sorta became pointless for me.

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    Jun 2009
    Classified - TI Spec Ops


    1. If you could choose only one type of cookie, what would your favorite cookie be?

    Chop chic with hazelnuts

    2. If you could choose only one type of ice cream, what would your favorite ice cream be?

    Vanilla with Caramel bits

    3. What is your favorite color?

    Black (which is a shade not a colour)

    4. Please describe your personality as unbiased as possible. The more description the better.

    Despite some T-I members thinking I am scary, I actually consider myself to be a fairly kind, approachable, patience person, but I do not suffer fools gladly - those I tend to ban . I am extremely loyal and protective of my family and close friends, and I will defend them no matter the cost to myself. I have a pretty no-nonsense kind of attitude, I am very driven, determined and if I set my mind to something then it will get done no matter the consequences.

    I am probably one of the hardest people to get to know, I am not good at volunteering information about myself, I prefer to sit in the shadows and observe others, the less people notice me the less explaining I have to do and my demeanour will testify to that on occasion. I can be very guarded, and very secretive when it comes to the personal side of things, to get to know the "real" me is a long drawn out process and anyone that tries is usually met with a great deal of suspicion and distrust (ask Jenna :P). I also have a wicked temper, if someone gets on the wrong side of me and they incur my wrath then its best to leave the planet - nuff said about that really.

    Short and curlies of it all: ambitious, hard working, diligent, opinionated, protective, rebel, great sense of humour, forthright, honest, no-nonsense, nasty temper, prone to rant (TY Copper :P)
    Last edited by TankGirl; November 17th, 2012 at 03:07 PM.

    Tipping the Spear of Victory before an Army of Darkness,
    she deals swift justice to whoever dare oppose her.
    Possessing hidden power of untold measure,
    she watches all who scurry beneath her gaze.
    One may try to imitate her, but none will succeed,
    for inclined to both limitless kindness and vengeance, She is at once,
    our Nemesis, "First and Last", and our Destruction.
    She is ...
    The Esteemed Exalted Mistress.

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    Petite Ecoliar


    Deep Blue/Violet

    Socially challenged, arrogant know it all (who really is almost always right) with no charisma to get away with it. Sad really.
    Also, I may have just fallen in love with Tank Girl ^

    -Think of how dumb the average person is, now realize, half of everyone is dumber than that.

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