Important news about buying VPN's
  • Important news about buying VPN's
  • Important news about buying VPN's
  • Important news about buying VPN's
  • Important news about buying VPN's
  • Important news about buying VPN's
  • Important news about buying VPN's
  • Important news about buying VPN's
  • Important news about buying VPN's
  • Important news about buying VPN's
  • Important news about buying VPN's
  • Important news about buying VPN's
  • Important news about buying VPN's
  • Important news about buying VPN's
  • Important news about buying VPN's
  • Important news about buying VPN's
  • Important news about buying VPN's
  • Important news about buying VPN's

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    Default Important news about buying VPN's

    There is an article on Torrentfreak ( what talks about what VPN's you actually are anonymous on (who keeps logs)

    To summerize that one, you should by all means AVOID:

    VPN providers that are known to not keep logs, on other words RECOMMENDED are:


    That's a short summary for you guys. If you plan to buy a VPN, i'd recommend reading the whole article anyways.

    EDIT: TorrentPrivacy removed from recommended according to GregorSamsa's comment.
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    It's good information in the article but the real problem is wanting the anonymity. Private sites will not allow you to log into there website, ok maybe there are like 3 that I might know of but that's it the rest will ban you. There is no point to using a vpn to download, a seedbox is just as good if not way better to use to download. You can enable encryption and ssl from your ftp to stay safe. The only thing a vpn would be ok o use with is irc and that's only if its your irc, idk if tracker staff even allow you to use a vpn to log into that. Public sites whats the point, private sites whats the point? Any time a site was raided and all was lost when were any of the users put into trouble, it's always the people running ti joint. So once again a seedbox! The only time a vpn does any good for you is if you own the website or irc. Thought I would throw in my knowledge, enjoy the great article from torrentfreak :D

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    Haha, didnt plan to discuss this, but glad you brought it up, so here goes :P

    I somewhat agree with you, a VPN can be less useful than people think. But, in the situation i find myself right now, there is no way anything illegal is going down my IP, and i dont want another seedbox right now. And tbh, there is other stuff i do on this computer that is intended for nobody than me. Let's say i know what DDOSing means and so on. And then i do stuff like everyone else, visit you-know websites, dont want my facebook and so on to be linked to everything..

    And then again, there are quite a few trackers that allow VPN, on the contidion that you inform and prove what you are doing. One thing is to try to hide your identity from staff, but when you tell them, and then prove that you speak the truth, that would be okay for many. I allowed that when I was a tracker admin. Finally, public DL's isn't THAT bad if it is a last resort, and you know what you are downloading.

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    The article was updated. VPNTunnel keeps absolutely no logs if you use their server in Sweden. However, they are forced by law to keep logs in some of the other countries in which they operate servers. So if you want to dl something then do it via their Swedish server, if you just want to view tv or listen to radio then use their other servers.
    Some of the ones listed are not to be trusted. Cryptocloud has question marks about its owner's other interests... also the same owner owns Torrent Freedom which had all of its user IP addresses published online after claiming 100% anonymity. BlackVPN keep records. Ipredator has security flaws in that they only use PTPP.
    After a month of research, I've come to the conclusion that a seedbox is probably the best way to go but in the meanwhile, I am going to flip a coin between VPNTunnel and Anonine and then set up a seedbox in a couple of month's time when I have had time to properly look into them.

    Basically, if choosing a VPN you want to look at where their servers are and where they are based. Countries such as the UK require logs to be kept (hence avoid Hidemyass). Countries such as the US are under alot of pressure to watch their customer activities. Countries such as Switzerland have strict p2p laws, while they have strict privacy laws they do log information (so you could face prosecution should their privacy laws become eroded in the future). Countries such as Sweden and Russia don't have 'need to log' laws. Countries such as the Netherlands and France restrict or are starting to restrict access to torrent sites such as PB (as does the UK), so not sure how useful an ip address from those countries would be.
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    Good article, I just signed up with PrivatVPN, which seems very promising.
    Too bad I didn't see this article first :P

    Anyway, I have a note on TorrentPrivacy, which is under your "RECOMMENDED" section:
    - They do log connection/duraction/amout of traffic u/d info, but no traffic logs.
    - It means authorities can connect VPN provider putlic IP > your internal VPN IP -> Your VPN account -> Your home IP -> YOU

    Be safe out there :P

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