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  1. [suggestion]Hide email in profile
  2. [suggestion] Put a Link Icon
  3. Addition to tracker list
  4. IRC channel
  5. non torrent related stuff?
  6. Alphabetizing Tracker Review Section
  7. User of the week - please comment !!
  8. Referrals
  9. More Sections
  10. Torrent sites and their abbreviations
  11. Guests can see things new users cant
  12. Broken link in main navigation
  13. More competitions
  14. Additional SubForum Requests
  15. Username:read--very important
  16. Relaunching the vip section
  17. TCM's Suggestions
  18. Trusted Giveaways
  19. FAQ/Rules Expansion
  20. Introduction SubForum Request
  21. Graphics Section
  22. Sort VIP section by last post time.
  23. "New Members Say Hello" Sticky Thread
  24. Linking to posts from shoutbox?
  25. Introduction Section
  26. Linking to specific post from forum summary
  27. Give infractions for "Good GA" posts
  28. Hidden/Private forums so guests can't see
  29. no signup until rules are read
  30. Free leech and Open signups.
  31. Ability to close your own giveaway threads.
  32. suggestion for Official Seedbox Review Section
  33. Image error
  34. Tracker Review Section
  35. Im ready to leave this site. Read here.
  36. Suggestion for requests section - Rules
  37. Should there be a trader section?
  38. iTrader should be renamed.
  39. Suggesting a "Thank You" Button
  40. Typo to correct in the Master Sticky
  41. Closed your thread? Have a candy.
  42. Adding Question to Intro Template about Trading
  43. access to Introductions thread
  44. Politicis/Intellectual/Philosophical/International Forum
  45. Negative reputation Criteria
  46. How to get rid of bad people.
  47. No more account giveways?
  48. Site Bug (VIPs & Trusted Section Links)
  49. Same Nick Warning - New User Registration Form
  50. Archive old introductions
  51. A sticker thread with rank criteria & names + privileges for newbies here in HELP
  52. intro section ,,, it's a mess !!!
  53. Repping someone in rules!
  54. Using the same username outside of T-1
  55. Guidelines on how to rep people into TI!
  56. definition of spam should b more specific !
  57. 10% commenting on Intros
  58. Make The Chopping Block Private!
  59. POLL: Allow users to select their own vBulletin visual theme
  60. APPROVE ScienceHD Credit Giveaways!
  61. Introduction suggestion, my friend told me?
  62. Intro Form
  63. Locked Introductions?
  64. Suggestion about Introductions and Registration names.
  65. Ban Reason in Profile
  66. Moderators
  67. Vulgarity
  68. vbAnonymizer - Domain Whitelist
  69. Intro template suggestion
  70. Repping people in
  71. Use Thanks instead of Rep for Intro Section
  72. Changes to Intro template (ratio proofs, speedtest)
  73. Change the description on the sub forum low invites
  74. Donating to bypass the intro
  75. Change Example in User Account Safety Section.
  76. Review Suggestions
  77. Tracker reviews indexed by genre...
  78. Remove or update auto-downloader sticky in V.I.P section
  79. Couple of suggestions for Introduction Section
  80. Discrepancy in Guidelines to Request
  81. T-I Folding at home team
  82. Suggestions Ticket System?
  83. A remove thanks button
  84. A place for Serious Discussion?
  85. Donations and Paid Subscriptions.
  86. BB Code Errors & Broken Links
  87. Folding @ Home Sticky
  88. Seedbox Giveaway Section
  89. Groan Button
  90. I have read the rules....or someone else's introduction
  91. Tracker reviews - restoring usual thread order
  92. Change the name of " The marketplace"
  93. Eliminate Conflicting Information
  94. Introductions that have been repped in
  95. Bargains Section
  96. About the Requests
  97. Simplify the Intro Guide
  98. Accepted introductions
  99. FIFA worldcup competition
  100. Updated Intro Form
  101. New Intro Guide/Form Issues
  102. Banned Country Applicants
  103. Banned Countries
  104. I have a suggestion on the tutorial section
  105. Ideas for boosting T-I as a source of BitTorrent news
  106. Forum Reorganization
  107. Emblem for News Editor Class
  108. Contacts & Friends Button
  109. "Spoiler" Tag
  110. Small correction
  111. Broken Requests Link
  112. [BUG] Moving a thread where it shouldn't be.
  113. literature section
  114. Broken links
  115. Introduction Form / Guide
  116. Conspiracy theory section.
  117. Modification to Tralfamadorian in #tihelp
  118. New colors for users
  119. Requirements for Speed Test
  120. CSS Hack publicity
  121. Updated Recruitment Requirements
  122. PM for starting members
  123. Doublepost Prevention
  124. Intro Ratio Proofs
  125. Fix Recent Threads!
  126. IRC Autojoin
  127. Icons for Area 51 and Think Tank Mods
  128. Intro Profile Suggestion
  129. Registered nicks only in main IRC
  130. Bilingual Help - Volunteers Needed!
  131. To "book" an intro
  132. A change in standard ratio proofs
  133. Edit smilies on T-I
  134. Moving Seedboxes tutorials to seedbox discussion
  135. Suggestion Of The Double Post
  136. BT stats proof tips discrepancy
  137. Payments page
  138. new intro question
  139. Protein folding team
  140. Enabling Tapatalk Forums for mobile users
  141. Food Sub-Forum for Off-Topic
  142. User Ranks & Privileges
  143. T-I Rules & FAQ Subforum
  144. abbreviations in search tags
  145. Should we add a newsgroups subforum?
  146. Spam in the Open Tracker Section
  147. Spam control suggestion
  148. Amazon affiliate link?
  149. Ban tinypic usage?
  150. Internal T-I Image Host
  151. BBCode suggestions
  152. A "bugs" thread
  153. Button for Image-Dump in header bar
  154. Clearer text and lighter theme
  155. Reason for getting banned on member profiles
  156. make a poll
  157. Fight club. A Think Tank forum suggestion.
  158. Minor Edits Needed for Rep section of FAQ for v3
  159. Default "IRC" link to proper channel
  160. Asking users not to use [color=white]
  161. Updated iGiver Form
  162. thread reply notification
  163. Reason for BAN
  164. Show user's status in their profile page.
  165. Creating a guide for Open Trackers posts.
  166. Default avatar when none is selected?
  167. iGiver = Feedback
  168. Private Messages -> Inbox. Icon change?
  169. Adding a new sub forum for non tracker invites
  170. Drag & drop image upload
  171. More General Options in the Open Trackers Form
  172. Change the rate seller to rate giver
  173. Anonymous redirects
  174. Ban repeat offenders in the chopping block
  175. Update give-away subtext
  176. Correction of a small glitch in the iGiver system
  177. How long ago info
  178. Radio and Arcade
  179. Ways to Lessen the Spam Bots!
  180. Radio Show
  181. Rep button is hard to notice
  182. Finding Someone on TI
  183. Remove iTrader options page
  184. Update Calendar?
  185. Allow alternate date display format
  186. Rep for x-likes
  187. Full avatar in profile page
  188. User Profile Suggestion
  189. Catch up forum button
  190. TI-Radio button
  191. Add a home button to the top bar
  192. VIP Request List
  193. IRC Trivia
  194. T-I calendar suggestion
  195. Advanced Search
  196. IRC Show Forum Stats Cmd
  197. Thanks notification
  198. adding 75% description
  199. Image Dump Link On Top Header
  200. Free VIP to 100%
  201. Review of the month
  202. New tracker review template
  203. Anime/Cartoons subcategory
  204. Starting Member Lounge Posts not be counted
  205. Anime sub forum should be introduced
  206. Intro Form (username question)
  207. Removing General Discussion threads from post count altogether
  208. Twitter?
  209. VIP ad
  210. VIP Request Section
  211. Remove or change VIP requests sub forum
  212. Invite GA suggestion
  213. Add 2 more categories at the new open tracker form
  214. Open Trackers Suggestion
  215. New Members Lounge Sticky...
  216. Advanced BBC Edit Mode
  217. Report post use
  218. Font Colour when "search forum"
  219. Make the introductions form more visible
  220. Add a sex field to the profile
  221. Show allowed image hosts on the insert image dialog box
  222. Upgrade TI's webirc client to KiwiIRC
  223. Propose slight Rule Change concerning Dupe Accounts disclosure
  224. BBcode, username tag...
  225. Tapatalk...
  226. Hide the iGiver count under members' avatars.
  227. MOTM Anonymous Voting
  228. Filter in Request Section
  229. What happened to "ban reason" (suggestion to restore it)
  230. Internal Tracker News Sub-forum
  231. Sub category for the Tracker Reviews
  232. Ban Imagebam
  233. An Idea To Bring More Activity To IRC
  234. Seedbox proof Tutorial edit
  235. MotM Roll of Honor?
  236. Payments to TI with Bitcoins
  237. Improvement: "Last Post" Time Stamp
  238. The search function
  239. consolidate tracker issue's...downtimes, FL, news,
  240. are we still in 2012 ?
  241. Creating a new sub-forum for video games, modding, online play, retro games
  242. Increase Message Storage Capacity
  243. Move "Tracker Downtimes"
  244. Automated Invite thread closure