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  1. How to watch movies without unraring them
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  30. Guide: Movie Formats/Sources and ETC
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  41. What's the best codec for playing H.264?
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  43. Ripping Vinyl Records to FLAC (Digital Audio)
  44. Extract Video, Audio, Subtitles and More from MKV files with MKVcleaver
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  50. Transfer Music from iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone to Your Computer
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  52. How to catalog your digital music.
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  54. HD mkv to HD dvd
  55. Hardcode subtitles in a .avi file
  56. [linux] mkv 720p to avi 480p
  57. How to detect the bitrate of a music file.
  58. How to play .rar files without unzipping!!
  59. How to Watch TV with NO Commercials
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  62. quick encoding guide using megui
  63. Advanced Ripping and Video Encoding
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  71. How to say thanks
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  78. Automatically sorting dl'ed movies and TV shows while continuing to seed, not copying
  79. FL STUDIO Tutorials
  80. How to normalize volume in VLC and stop loud volume spikes. (Gun shots, etc.)
  81. Re-Syncing a Subtitle.
  82. How to create ISO with ConvertXtoDVD
  83. How do I play surround sound on VLC?
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  85. Playing 3D SBS Videos as 3D Anaglyph
  86. how to speed up you tube loading
  87. How To Rip PC Games
  88. Graphic card gives up during summer
  89. Download and rip VEVO videos
  90. Making your own subtitles with Aegisub
  91. Subtitles Sites
  92. Easily convert FLAC to mp3 in Debain 6 with commandline
  93. MPC-BE is now availabe on Sourceforge!
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  113. Players with automatic subtitles finder
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  115. Fixing (some) MKV files
  116. How to extract subtitles from a Blu-ray and convert to srt or sub/idx
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  118. Mp3tag Tutorial
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  120. Beautiful Movie Organization in Windows Explorer? Impossible!
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  122. Encoding Tips : Blu-ray to MKV with H264 video and 5.1 audio using Ripbot264
  123. Check if FLAC file is a true FLAC (and not some lossy recode)
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  125. How To Get ANY Music You Want For Free.
  126. Organizing Your Music Collection With Metadata & Automatic Tagging
  127. Subtitle Edit | Easy way to create srt from sub/sup
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  129. Encoding Tut from parent5446
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  133. ISO, What is ISO...
  134. How to create a REMUX
  135. Properly Burning a FLAC ripped CD
  136. Answering video/audio/subtitle questions
  137. How to make and edit a screenshot of a full website page