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  • Keeping TI afloat
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  • Keeping TI afloat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proleteriat View Post
    @pb_teo @TheDarkKnightR Both of you have brought up legitimate issues that T-I has been wrestling with for quite a time now.

    People gravitate to T-I for easier access to invites and tracker information primarily. Taking away the giveaways from the forum will literally be the last nail hammered on the coffin. I think that we need to have a diplomacy with the those trackers who are friendly and willing to allow the flow of their invites here.

    I am just going to brainstorm here for a few minutes to see how we can improve the forum.

    0. Add more crypto currencies on top of bitcoin for site donations. Free monthly seedboxes to the top 5 site donors. Some incentive.
    1. Be a platform for new upcoming trackers who want to market their presence by having official recruitment threads.
    2. On top of having seedbox companies marketing their services, why not also add VPN companies (PIA, Nord, ect) to the list. Asking for like a 10-15% off discount for T-I. VPNs are so hotly popular right now. VPN is one of the main topics always being discussed on reddit.
    3. ****Make new relationships with IPT, torrent-leech, and ect. We just need to have basic general trackers for the new members/noobs. Overtime we could probably add more l33t trackers to the list.
    4. Make an official T-I subreddit to direct new traffic here.
    5. Only have the 10%, VIP, and requests threads with new names.
    6. Expedite the intro process so that fewer mods & volunteers can be more efficient in the their time.
    7. Update the tracker reviews.
    8. ***Create a new sub-forum dedicated to streaming. Like which desktop & mobile apps, add-ons, tutorials, news, hacks, and stuff. Give people what they want.
    9. Identifying what really is outdated in the forum.
    10. Make IRC the spot to really chill. Bring back games, RADIO :), bonus points for idling.
    11. Adding crypto mining to the site as an option to pay for site costs will be unpopular.
    12. Add a sub-forum for the discussion of crypto??
    Great ideas but easy to write, almost impossible to implement. You need many dedicated and skilled members ready to risk their accounts, make giveaways, spend way to much time writing around, talk with other staffers about T-I and their relationships etc. I think is impossible to find these members nowadays. I don't have the time for that, I am not even close as active as I used to be.

    I stick to my opinion that open giveaways by everyone have to be disabled and what I wrote in my previous posts.

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    @pb_teo Read the post you told me to see again, and my opinion (of course i respect yours) is still the same: i don't get the "afraid" idea. You delete the Giveaway section, and then you have a new TI? Even the name of the forum has to change, because it doesnt make sense anymore.
    I can accept some kind of test with your idea to see how it works, because i really needed to watch what that change can make.

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    It's hard to say because I don't know how much traffic the website gets, but a part of the solution may be migrating hosting services to mitigate cost. You can get the domain as well as domain privacy for 20 - 25 bucks a year. I don't know how big the database is but it's likely to be in the tens of gigs. Setup free cloudflare to keep international users as happy as possible. You could probably get a setup on digital ocean or linode for 20 bucks a month that could accommodate the site while remaining relatively speedy. Overall you're looking at 150/year. Of course I may be grossly underestimating site traffic and/or database size. I've never ran a forum or anything this size before /shrug

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    Let me know if you need hosting and what your min hosting requirements are... if it's within what I have left from my server I can setup an account.

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    Hey @Mbappe looking into a cloud solution that may suit our needs.

    Hopefully that pans out otherwise some members have volunteered to host TI.
    PM me at your own peril.

    No emails in posts | Spam and die | Give igiver to those who deserve it | People with larger sigs than me are overcompensating

    Hand pick your people, Totally dependable, Totally Loyal~Admiral Cain

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    I'm a nobody here but this website opened a whole new world for me when i joined, thanks to all the members who made this place great.

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    Hope you can keep this going!

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    Just a suggestion:

    If it needs to be closed really, open a discord server and onlyinvite us verified users there. We will keep discord invite private until everything set. Then people can share a public invite and gather people.

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    Wow, to see this thread made me sad. I hope some people can still find a solution. I'm willing to chip in as well if there is a solid plan from someone who will take the lead.
    If that turns out not to be possible, we should at least figure out a way to keep the current community together in a private space (discord or something).

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